The program is simple. Qualified riders identify someone who is willing and able to provide rides to places they need to go. Riders and drivers together keep a record of their trips, and submit them monthly for processing. Riders will receive payments for reported mileage each month, and will be responsible to reimburse their driver, using these funds. The goal of this system is to help people get the transportation assistance they need, and to help their helpers by removing the financial barriers that might interfere with their ability to assist.

Am I Qualified?

To qualify, you must be a Lake County resident who:

  • Is elderly or disabled.

  • Has low income.

  • Needs assistance getting to and from NON-EMERGENCY medical appointments.

  • Has no other means of transportation and is unable to utilize regular Lake Transit services.

  • Has a friend or family member who is willing to drive, but cannot afford the cost of gas, etc. involved in making longer trips.

Advance Enrollment is Required

If you need this service and think you are eligible, please contact Lake Links. You will be asked to provide information to ensure you are eligible for this program. In most cases, much of the application process will be conducted over the phone, and will consist of a series of simple questions to establish identity, location, and need.

Approval of applications will typically occur within ten business days, at which point, you will be notified and provided with information to share with your driver, as well as forms for recording trips and mileage.

Once you are enrolled in the program and have selected a willing driver, your driver will fill out a simple enrollment form. Drivers will be reimbursed by their riders on the basis of mileages reported monthly, using the form provided via riders.

Eligibility Process

Step 1: Schedule your Appointment

  • Call (707) 995-3330 to schedule your eligibility appointment

  • Appointments take 30 minutes via phone

Step 2: What to Expect

Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your health!
After your appointment, we will process your enrollment request within 10 business days.

Step 3: How does it work?

Once approved, you will receive the following:

  • Eligibility letter with your enrollment start date

  • Consent form

  • Driver form

  • Direct Deposit form

  • Visit Verification form

All mileage forms are due by the 5th of each month for timely processing of your reimbursement.

Need more Information?
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