Are you elderly, or disabled? Then you probably know all-too-well that many folks like you have a hard time getting to their doctors, clinics, dialysis, and other NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL appointments. For a variety of reasons, you may be unable to use public transportation. You need transportation assistance that is better tailored to meet your individual needs. The Pay-Your-Pal program is designed to help!


We provide non-emergency medical transportation to qualifying Lake County residents needing out-ofcounty specialized medical care via our ride share program with curbside pick up


ADA-Eligible elderly and disabled people in Lake County who live in Clearlake, Lower Lake and Lakeport may make a reservation for curb-to-curb service via Dial-A-Ride. Priority is given to reservations made at least one day in advance. Pickups occur within a plus-or-minus 15-minute window to the extent possible. Reservation times may be negotiated within a maximum of one hour before or after the requested time.


Maybe you are an ADA-Eligible elderly or disabled person who could use regular transit bus service, but find that the distance from your home to a bus stop is a barrier. For you, FLEX STOP may be a good solution! If you request service at least one day in advance, Lake Transit will make a flex stop up to one mile off the regular route. All you have to do is get from your front door to the bus. And no worries… all vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts, in case you need one.